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To replace the the batteries in your Ctrack Remote Fob

Before you start ensure you have have the following:

  • Your Ctrack Remote Fob.
  • 3x New CR2016 Button Cell Batteries.
  • A small cross head philips style screwdriver (e.g.PH#00).
  • CR2016 batteries may also be refered to as DL2016 or KCR2016 depending on the manufacturer.

1. Place the Remote Fob on a flat surface, button side down.

2. Remove the 3 black screws securing the rear cover.

Once removed the cover will lift away to reveal the circuit board and the battery housing.

3. Hold the outter metal edge of the fob with one hand and use your free hand to withdraw the battery and circuit board from the fob.

4. The batteries are held within a black holder that slides into the metal housing on the circuit board.

To remove the holder slide black holder from its mount towards the upper left corner of the board.

It may be required to push out the holder from behind with a small blunt edge object.

5. Remove the 3x old CR2016 batteries from the holder by simply pushing them through from the top to the bottom.

The replacement CR2016 batteries can then be pushed into the housing, ensuring that all 3 battery are stacked with the + terminal facing upwards.

6. With the replacement batteries fitted to the holder, re-insert the holder into the circuit board pushing the holder firmly into the metal housing.

7. Replace the circuit board back in to the metal fob frame.

8. Replace the black rear cover and secure with the 3 black screws BP Fob Battery Replacement.

9. Check the operation of the fob, The Red Light should illuminate to confirm the selection of either the Business, Private or Panic Buttons.

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