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I’ve gone to the Ctrack website to log in and it says my username or password is incorrect?

Firstly, please refer to your Ctrack welcome pack to ensure you are using the correct website:

Ctrack Online 1:
Ctrack Online 2:

If you have confirmed that you are using the correct website link then please try resetting your password by using the ‘Forgot password?’ link as shown below:

I’ve logged into the Ctrack Online system but my vehicles are not visible?

Please ensure that you have selected the correct business group from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen:

To set a default business group for your Online dashboard, please navigate to Setup and then Settings. This will open a new page with the option to set a Default business group as shown below:

Once you have selected the correct business group from the list please click on Save at the top of the screen and then on Yes when prompted to reload the workspace:

No vehicles are showing up on the map.

Please follow the following 6 steps:

  • Login to Ctrack Online
  • Click Setup and click Settings
  • In the drop down box next to Default business group found under the Workspace sub-heading, select your company name (i.e. 123 Ltd)
  • Select Save at the top left of the screen
  • When prompted to reload the workspace select Yes
  • If the steps above did not resolve the issue please call the Ctrack Customer Care Team on 0345 055 8555

Unable to see a recently installed tracking unit.

At the bottom of Ctrack Online there is a page size that shows the amount of vehicles to be shown on one page. Change the number to reflect the now installed correct number or go to the next page of vehicles in the list.

If these suggestions do not address your issue, please contact a member of our customer care team.

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