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Embrace the latest telematics technology

We design, develop, manufacture and deliver GPS-based vehicle tracking hardware and software to the automotive sector. These Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) solutions are ideal for the motor industry.

Importantly, they enable organisations to embrace the latest telematics technology quickly and efficiently.

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  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • Ecall technology
  • Remote engine diagnostics
  • CANbus integration
  • Connected navigation


  • End-to-end solution
  • In-house design
  • Proven technology
  • Industry-leading partner
  • Rapid deployment to market

OEM Solutions

Ctrack can provide a wide range of OEM solutions using more than 25 years of experience operating within the telematics marketplace. This includes vehicle tracking, security, connected navigation, driver behaviour monitoring and emergency alerting.

Ctrack’s CANTouch is a warranty-friendly solution that connects into the CANbus system to remotely access added understanding into the performance of a vehicle. This will also identify potential parts wear, fault codes and other issues.

Meanwhile, we can help automotive manufacturers looking to develop eCall solutions to support the European initiative designed to bring rapid assistance to motorists involved in a collision.

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What Our Customers Say

Using the Ctrack solution we are able to monitor performance, maintain service levels and provide peace of mind to customers at all times. The simplicity, flexibility and functionality of the tracking technology mean it has become an integral part of our operation and has helped us to develop a proven track record in covered and enclosed vehicle movements across Europe for rare and high value cars.

Russell’s Vehicle Management

John Russell
Russell’s Vehicle Management

We have used Ctrack’s systems for over five years and have been very happy with the results

Goodyear Dunlop

Paul Floyd
Goodyear Dunlop