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Company cars are collectively responsible for driving millions of miles each year, so fleet operators have a desire and responsibility to ensure these vehicles are driven safely and efficiently.

Whether operating a mobile sales force or perk drivers, there are many advantages of using Ctrack’s vehicle tracking system to increase employee and vehicle performance.

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  • Business vs private mileage
  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • Compliance management
  • Privacy switch option
  • Maintenance scheduling 


  • Reduce costs including fuel
  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance CSR and duty of care
  • Achieve legislative compliance
  • Reduce accidents and insurance costs

For many car fleets, fuel costs remain a massive operational challenge that is impacting on the profitability of their business.

The simplest way of driving down this significant overhead is to lower mileage, so vehicle tracking can help achieve improved routing and efficient job allocation using connected navigation. This will also provide additional benefits including reduced maintenance bills, increased staff productivity and greater environmental responsibility.

Implemented driver behaviour programme

Recent industry research has also found that perk drivers, who receive a car within their benefits package, are actually generating greater accident costs than commercial vehicle drivers. Therefore, there is a strong argument for car fleets to implement a driver behaviour programme to improve driving techniques on the road in order to enhance safety and minimise costs. Responsible driving will also contribute to other efficiency savings including fuel usage and maintenance.

Our comprehensive hardware portfolio includes plug and play / easy to install solutions, which support high turnover vehicle operations or to cover the vehicles of third-party contractors. These can typically include vehicle rental, spot / short term hire and vehicle leasing requirements.

Ctrack software

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What Our Customers Say

Ctrack has provided real benefits to our fleet operation, resulting in operating efficiencies and an enhanced service to our customers

Yorkshire Water

Geoff Dyson
Yorkshire Water

Using the Ctrack solution we are able to monitor performance, maintain service levels and provide peace of mind to customers at all times. The simplicity, flexibility and functionality of the tracking technology mean it has become an integral part of our operation and has helped us to develop a proven track record in covered and enclosed vehicle movements across Europe for rare and high value cars.

Russell’s Vehicle Management

John Russell
Russell’s Vehicle Management