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Save money, reduce accidents, protect vehicles

Telematics is changing the face of vehicle insurance by providing an effective means of assessing driver risk and capturing the information needed to set annual insurance premiums.

By harnessing the latest technology it is possible to access detailed data to help save money, reduce accidents rates, protect vehicles and improve driver behaviour.

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  •  Flexible premium rating solution Online client interface & mobile phone communication module
  • Telematics combined with rating engine methodology
  • Detailed reporting on incidents 


  • Better rate drivers
  • Encourage safe and responsible driving
  • Help calculate and reduce insurance premiums
  • Added insight into thefts and accidents

Ctrack powers Intelligent Insurance

Ctrack Intelligent Insurance provides an advanced telematics solution that helps insurers to determine individual premiums based on how, when, where and by whom an insured vehicle is driven.

Ctrack has been selected by a number of leading insurers as the technology provider for their telematics-based insurance product as a result of our innovative offering, robust operational performance and excellence in customer service.

Helping Insurers and Drivers

We provide the necessary data and insight for insurers to better rate drivers, whilst enabling insured individuals to reduce their premiums if they drive safely and responsibly. It takes advantage of our portfolio of products and services that possess a range of features – offering specific benefits to the insurance marketplace.

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What our customers say

The Ctrack system has provided us with added visibility and control over our vehicles and plant equipment

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