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Specialist Gritter Solutions

Ctrack has a range of specialist telematics and camera solutions specifically for winter maintenance vehicles.  We support all the leading gritter vehicle manufacturers including Econ, Schmidt and Cuthbertson. We have deployed our solutions to over 100 local authorities, specialist contractors and public sector organisations.

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  • Real-time visibility
  • Journey replays
  • Integration with on-board gritting control box
  • Comprehensive reporting including spread width, rate and pattern along with snowplough activity


  • Integration with vehicle CANbus
  • In-cab monitors, two-way messaging and navigation
  • Dashcam and multi-camera solutions (DVS, FORS and CLOCS compliance)
  • Bespoke driver apps including gritter vehicle specific vehicle checks

Suitable for Econ and Schmidt gritting vehicles and snowploughs

Ctrack software

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