BBC Thief Trackers series focuses on Fleet Security with Ctrack

Ctrack has appeared in the latest series of Thief Trackers alongside its customer Traffic Management Services (TMS).

The BBC show looks at how police and members of the public are using cutting-edge technology to fight back against thieves, so ran a feature on how the Nottinghamshire-based company safely recovered a stolen van using Ctrack’s vehicle tracking solution.

Following the theft of the van from a worksite south of Warsop on the A60, TMS was able to use Ctrack Online to pinpoint the exact location of the liveried vehicle. “I always have the tracking system logged-in on one of the screens in my office, so I can look at that almost instantly,” explains Michael Barlow, Logistics Manager at TMS. “I could see the vehicle moving and then going down a couple of side roads before being parked up in a nearby estate.”

With this information TMS was able to liaise directly with the Police to organise the safe return of the van in less than an hour. Speaking on the show about the incident, Ctrack’s European Managing Director John Wisdom said: “They were able to go straight to the software, identify the vehicle, and therefore take complete control of the situation themselves.”

Ctrack Online is a web-based vehicle tracking system providing visibility and control over mobile assets. Designed to be intuitive and simple-to-use, this solution enables businesses to better manage their fleet operation and deliver real benefits by driving down costs, boosting productivity and improving customer service.

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