Case Study: W.D.M. Limited

W.D.M. Limited offers the complete highway asset management solution and is committed to helping improve road safety and saving lives.

Using a fleet of specialist monitoring vehicles, WDM® is the largest UK provider of road survey and condition assessments, serving all government agencies as well as a majority of local authorities.



  • Live vehicle tracking
  • Fleet management and monitoring
  • Stolen vehicle recovery
  • Accident investigation and issue resolution
  • Improved fleet efficiency
  • Increase productivity and asset utilisation
  • Protection against false allegations
  • Added vehicle security

Vehicle Tracking

WDM uses Ctrack Online to monitor a mixed fleet of 44 commercial vehicles – ranging from vans through to 18-tonne trucks – that have been fitted with specialist measurement and scanning technology. These high-value road assessment vehicles operate nationwide on a 24/7 basis, so the company needed to have complete visibility of their position and status. The tracking software provides peace of mind that WDM’s survey teams and assets are safe and secure, especially when they are operating in remotes areas. In particular, office-based staff can use Ctrack Online to quickly locate a vehicle in the event of an operational issue, vehicle theft or breakdown.

Fleet Management

Operational efficiency is a key focus for WDM in terms of keeping fleet costs and environmental impact to a minimum. As a result, the company is using Ctrack Online to identify any vehicle idling to reduce fuel usage and improve fleet productivity. WDM is also able to access historical data captured by the tracking system to investigate any road collision, incoming complaint or penalty charge, enabling the company to better understand the exact circumstances of a specific driving event.

International Growth

Equipment and services from WDM have been used in more than 18 countries around the globe. As part of the company’s international expansion, it has offices in New Zealand, where WDM has been providing services for more than 20 years. Two specialist vehicles used on a road surveying solution on behalf of the New Zealand Government have been fitted with Ctrack’s vehicle tracking for added visibility and control. The company is also in the process of sending a third tracked vehicle from the UK to service a new public sector contract.

“We have been working with Ctrack for many years and they have always been on hand to meet our telematics requirements. The tracking system is dependable and simple to use, allowing us to have full visibility of our vehicles when they are out surveying roads. As such, we are able to use Ctrack Online to achieve a number of business and operational benefits both in the UK and internationally.”

Chris Gardiner, Managing Director, W.D.M. Limited