Ctrack Lends a Helping Hand to Capability Scotland Charity

Ctrack by Inseego is helping the charity Capability Scotland to improve road safety and duty of care with an advanced vehicle tracking system for a fleet of specialist passenger vans.

The company has come to the aid of the Scottish charity with a heavily discounted telematics solution that will support the provision of critical transport services from its Upper Springland location in Perth to adults with disabilities.

“Our aim is to support independent living wherever possible, giving people with disabilities the freedom to go out, so our passenger vans play an important role in helping to achieve this,” explains Kenneth Low, Facilities Manager for Upper Springland Residential and Respite Service. “With such a diverse and geographically spread transport operation, we have a commitment to protect our customers and their families, staff and volunteers, as well as members of the public. Ctrack’s vehicle tracking system will enable us to monitor driver and passenger welfare, while ensuring our fleet of vehicles are being driven responsibly and efficiently at all times.”

With 60 full-time residents and a further 60 day attendees at Upper Springland, Capability Scotland provides a range of transport services to customers and their family members. The fleet of eight vehicles, adapted to the needs of passengers with disabilities, are used to take customers to hospital appointments and other scheduled journeys such as day trips, holidays and sporting events. The charity also operates a vehicle loan service, allowing family and friends to use an adapted vehicle for their own planned activities.

The charity recognised the need to view the location and status of its vehicles, who is driving and how they are being operated. Ctrack has combined its web-based telematics solution, Ctrack Online, with Driver ID and the Mobi2 app to provide Capability Scotland with complete visibility and control over its passenger van fleet. This will enable the charity to monitor vehicles and drivers in real-time, from the office or remotely, so it can respond immediately to any fleet issues. The system will also streamline the vehicle loan service by capturing mileage data for accurate billing.

“We are truly grateful for all the help we have received from Ctrack in terms of developing and implementing the vehicle tracking solution, along with their ongoing support. Not only have they generously provided the system at a discounted rate, but also installed the tracking units and provided training free of charge. I expect it will become an essential part of our safety and duty of care strategies moving forward,” added Low.

Steve Thomas, Managing Director of Ctrack UK by Inseego said: “We are proud to have the opportunity to support Capability Scotland, a charity that is making such a difference to people’s lives. Mobility is such an important part of independent living for disabled people, so it is important that Capability Scotland has the tools in place to operate its transport services in the safest and most efficient way possible.”