Ctrack launches Multi-Comms solution to boost cost effective real-time vehicle tracking

Vehicle tracking specialist Ctrack has launched a new multi-comms solution to enable transport operators to seamlessly switch between communication channels to meet precise operational requirements while minimising data transfer costs. This solution will ensure the most cost effective real-time tracking and reporting solution for companies operating across borders or in remote and harsh environments.

Ctrack Multi-comms enables vehicle operators to select alternative communication channels for data transfer to support and complement the standard use of the mobile network. As a result, the tracking unit can intelligently select Iridium satellite communication mode when a vehicle is in an area with no mobile signal coverage or crosses into another country, while it can switch to Wi-Fi when in a depot to transfer low priority data not yet sent via more expensive channels.

When WiFi or an authorised TETRA network is available, Ctrack Multi-comms will automatically selects the lowest cost channel to exchange data, helping to save on third party communication costs. Meanwhile, the least-cost routing algorithm provides users with the ability to prioritise information based on their exact needs to minimise data transfer expenditure further.

John Wisdom, Managing Director of Ctrack commented: “This latest functionality enables seamless and least cost data transfer providing our customers with even higher level of efficiency, reliability and security for their fleets and assets. Ctrack Multi-comms puts them in control to meet precise operational needs, gain added visibility and minimise overheads wherever possible.”