Ctrack promotes green fleet performance at eco-fair

Advanced vehicle tracking and resource management solutions from Ctrack on show at eco-fair 2012

Leeds-based Ctrack will be showcasing its range of advanced vehicle tracking and resource management solutions at eco-fair 2012. As a result, the company will be available to provide guidance and advice to private and public sector organisations within Yorkshire about how best to minimise the environmental impact of their fleets.

Ctrack is working with an increasing number of local and regional fleet operators — including Yorkshire Water, Leeds Teaching Hospital and MWH Global — to boost performance by increasing efficiency, productivity and control. The company’s tracking tools deliver immediate benefits and financial return by achieving added visibility and control that comes from knowing the exact locations, status and behaviour of vehicles and drivers in real-time.

John Wisdom, Managing Director at Ctrack, commented: “With businesses under increasing pressure to minimise the impact of their vehicle fleets on the environment, the added control that tracking technology can provide can contribute to substantial reductions in emissions through improved fuel efficiency, fleet optimisation and driver behaviour.”