England football team reduces uk traffic levels

Ctrack, the UK’s leading vehicle tracking company, saw a drop of more than a 16 percent in vehicle activity late on Monday afternoon as the England football team began its European Championship against France.

This noticeable reduction in road movements suggests that despite the low expectations amongst fans, many were still desperate not to miss the opening England fixture.

Traffic volumes were down by almost a sixth compared to what we would normally expect to see at 5pm on a Monday, commented Steve Thomas, Sales Director at Ctrack. We imagine that many people were finishing up a little earlier to make sure they didn’t miss the game. However, we also saw a slight increase in traffic at 6.30am, perhaps suggesting that some started their day a little earlier to make up for the early finish.

Ctrack monitors more than 75,000 vehicles within the UK and Ireland on behalf of 3,000 businesses across a wide range of sectors. Because of the large number of cars, vans and commercial vehicles we currently track, we are able to identify fleet and vehicle trends with a great degree of accuracy, explains Thomas. This demonstrates the operational insight we can provide to help businesses make the most of their mobile resources.