Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust enhancing logistics and transport management with Ctrack

Leeds Teaching Hospitals, one of the biggest NHS trusts in the UK, is using an advanced telematics solution from Ctrack, an Inseego company, to track vehicle usage, investigate complaints, protect staff and comply with industry best practice.

Web-based Ctrack Online is enabling the organisation to monitor a mixed-use fleet of 32 vans that provide a wide range of services including staff and passenger transport, catering delivery and blood sample collection.

In particular, Ctrack Online is helping Leeds Teaching Hospitals achieve and retain its Van Excellence accreditation by underlining its commitment to operating a safer, more efficient and sustainable fleet. “The FTA certification requires fleets to demonstrate they are effectively managing driver behaviour, so we can show exactly how we are using vehicle tracking to monitor and investigate speeding, harsh driving events and road collisions,” explains Walter Pawinski, Facilities Coordinator Logistics & Transport at Leeds Teaching Hospitals.

Meanwhile, the logistics and transport team can quickly verify or refute a story in the event of an incoming enquiry by using Ctrack Online’s historical reporting functionality. In one instance recently, the system was used to disprove a complaint that a passenger transport service was not arriving on time, while in another, they were quickly able to show that a driver was not at fault for a failed blood collection despite claims to the contrary.

Having complete real-time visibility of vehicles is also enabling Leeds Teaching Hospitals to ensure the safety of drivers at all times and that office-based staff can respond quickly when a problem does arise. According to Walter Pawinski: “We were able to use Ctrack Online to immediately locate the position of a vehicle when a driver had unfortunately suffered a heart attack, while confirming that the ambulance had deployed a spare crew member who had driven the stranded vehicle back to base.”

In addition, Leeds Teaching Hospitals is using Ctrack Mobi2, a real-time fleet management tool, to monitor vehicle that are operating out-of-hours and at the weekend. The logistics and transport team can ensure that vehicles are operating as required and that employees are safe using the app installed on a mobile device. This includes catering vehicles that are responsible seven days a week for collecting and delivering meals to the surrounding hospitals.

“Ctrack Online has become an important fleet management tool providing added visibility and control over our vans,” says Walter Pawinski, “We operate a number of essential and time-critical services, so it is important that we can see the whereabouts and status of our vehicles both historically and in real-time. Using both hardwired and self-installed vehicle tracking units we have created a flexible and functional tracking solution that positively supports our logistics and transport operation.”

Ctrack has a range of telematics solutions – including both hardwired and self-installed, plug-and-play tracking units – which allow companies to take a mix-and-match approach to tracking their fleet. All these systems utilise the same user-interface, offering a seamless and consistent means of managing all types of vehicles, whether owned, long term hire, daily rental or even grey fleet. The flexibility of the plug-and-play units ensure that a business does not incur installation charges and are free to move them from vehicle to vehicle in a matter of seconds.