Russell’s Vehicle Management deploy Ctrack vehicle tracking

Russell’s Vehicle Management, the car transport and handling company, tracks its fleet of ten vehicles to provide added visibility and achieve peace of mind. These mobile resources, made up of specialist trucks and transporters, are responsible for the movement of high value vehicles across the UK and mainland Europe including prestige road, super, classic, show and race car.

      Features   Benefits
• Live vehicle tracking
• Smartphone application
• Customer portal
• Performance reporting
• Enhanced security & protection
• Added peace of mind
• Improved customer service
• Increased fleet efficiency

Vehicle Tracking

Russell’s Vehicle Management operates from two locations in Northamptonshire providing an unrivalled transport solution using its modern fleet of purpose-built, covered car transporters. Due to the high value of loads, time sensitivity of deliveries and geographic reach of the operation, the company uses Ctrack Online, the web-based tracking system, to monitor all vehicle movements in real-time to ensure the safe delivery of single or multiple cars.

Complete Visibility

Russell’s Vehicle Management requires complete, round the clock visibility, especially due to the out-of-hours nature of many of the vehicle movements. As a result, the company uses Ctrack Mobi2, a mobile application that provides instant access to vehicle data from a smartphone or tablet, alongside the web-based tracking tool. Not only does this integrated solution provide peace of mind at all times regarding the safety of the cars, but also enables Russell’s Vehicle Management to alert customers of any unexpected delays and warn drivers of any forthcoming congestion hotspots.

Customer Service

Russell’s Vehicle Management provides a customer portal via the Ctrack Online system that enables clients to view the current location, status, direction and speed of the vehicle transporter at any given time. It also provides a journey playback facility with delivery and collection times that shows exactly where a vehicle has been and how it has been driven. The access to accurate real-time and historical information provides added insight that gives customers complete confidence in the quality of the service provided.

“Using the Ctrack solution we are able to monitor performance, maintain service levels and provide peace of mind to customers at all times. The simplicity, flexibility and functionality of the tracking technology mean it has become an integral part of our operation and has helped us to develop a proven track record in covered and enclosed vehicle movements across Europe for rare and high value cars.” John Russell, Russell’s Vehicle Management