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Driver Identification

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Increase operational visibility

Ctrack’s Driver ID offers companies greater insight into the status and whereabouts of mobile employees historically or in real-time by allowing visibility and reporting by driver as well as by vehicle. The solution is particularly suited to businesses that operate a pool of fleet vehicles across multiple employees.

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  • Run fleet reports by the driver as well as by vehicle
  • Start and finish times for individual drivers to verify timesheets
  • Ensure a driver is authorised to drive a vehicle or operate particular equipment
  • Access evidence of motoring offence & quickly identify the offending driver


  • Increase operational visibility
  • Enhance driver behaviour
  • Improve accident & damage analysis
  • Achieve robust accountability
  • Prevent unauthorised or illegal driving
  • Reduce overtime claims

Individual Driver and Vehicle Data

With Driver ID, it is now possible to separate driver and vehicle data to better understand the movements and actions of individual drivers, whatever vehicle they are operating. The solution allows companies to identify which driver is operating a vehicle at all times and report on all of the vehicles which have been operated by a particular driver.

Drivers can be identified via a number of methods to provide highly accurate data for all movements within a workforce including a dallas key and in-vehicle reader, an integrated navigation device and active or passive RFID tag.

It is also possible to allocate drivers manually to the vehicle using the Ctrack Online Tracking System.

In particular, smartcard functionality can now take advantage of existing workforce identification solutions by supporting employee or building entry card systems to provide advanced insight into the status and whereabouts of drivers. As a result, companies can now gain all the benefits of the Driver ID system without the added administration and cost of managing multiple identification tags and processes.

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What Our Customers Say

Using the Ctrack solution we are able to monitor performance, maintain service levels and provide peace of mind to customers at all times. The simplicity, flexibility and functionality of the tracking technology mean it has become an integral part of our operation and has helped us to develop a proven track record in covered and enclosed vehicle movements across Europe for rare and high value cars.

Russell’s Vehicle Management

John Russell
Russell’s Vehicle Management

The functionality and usability of the Ctrack system means it will meet our current and future needs to help drive productivity, completion of work and enable further Health and Safety benefits

Severn Trent Water

David Cross
Severn Trent Water