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Benefit Realisation & Return on Investment for Vehicle Tracking

Ctrack’s Benefits Realisation Process is based around a continuous cycle of Plan, Validate, Act and Review. We work with you to plan which areas of your business to target and then during the first few weeks of receiving tracking data we validate the plan based on your actual results – this will confirm if we are targeting claim and prioritising in the right areas. From there, we can then recommend a suitable course of Action that you can take to implement change, which we Review to measure results and improvements.

Immediate and significant benefits

We have considerable experience of assisting corporate organisations to quantify and then deliver significant business benefits by improving productivity, reducing costs and delivering a rapid return on their investment. The key to our success is our ability to convert telematics data into useful, tailored and meaningful management information.

The majority of benefits can be achieved almost immediately, so within days you will be able, for example, to identify trends such as persistent speeding and put in place management action to correct this. Ctrack works with its clients to ensure the relevant information, in a usable format, reaches the right people at the right frequency for them to effect change and realise the benefits. We also ensure that there is a process in place for senior management to ensure the required actions are being taken throughout the business in a consistent and timely manner.

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