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Complete visibility of your entire fleet

Whether you have a small or medium sized fleet in your business, you will face similar operational challenges.

With Ctrack UK’s vehicle tracking, you will have complete visibility of your fleet – knowing where each vehicle is in real-time and how each driver is driving.

Combined with detailed reporting, this will allow you as a business owner to run a more cost-effective and efficient fleet.

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A Quick Overview

We know that time is a valuable commodity, especially when you have a fleet of vehicles to monitor and manage.

So if you don’t have a moment to read all the in-depth information right now, simply watch the video for a quick overview of what Ctrack Fleet Tracking can offer your business.

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Ctrack Online

Ctrack Online is our web-based vehicle tracking system providing visibility and control over mobile assets. Designed to be intuitive and simple-to-use, our solution enables businesses to better manage their fleet operation and deliver real benefits by driving down costsboosting productivity and improving customer service.

Ctrack Online encompasses the key features of fleet management for any vehicle type in any business sector.

As a result, our vehicle tracking devices  are  suitable for car, van, coach and commercial vehicle fleets of all sizes, providing immediate operational benefits and financial returns.


  • Live vehicle positions
  • High-quality mapping including satellite, terrain and street view
  • Journey trails and replays
  • ‘Find my nearest’ vehicle and driver dispatch tools
  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • Configurable geo-fences
  • Comprehensive reporting suite
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard
  • Fuel card integration
  • APIs for integration with 3rd party software
  • Driver Apps
  • Gantt chart style Live Productivity Dashboard
  • PTO monitoring
  • Improve customer response times
  • Specialist vehicle capabilities (gritters, refuse, sweepers, mowers etc.)
  • Hard-wired, plug and play and battery-powered units
  • Plant, Equipment, Trailer and Asset solutions
  • Integrated telematics and Camera solutions

Absolute confidence

With 1,200,000 systems deployed worldwide and our technology approved by a variety of leading insurers, our customers can have absolute confidence that Ctrack is the partner of choice. Our innovative hardware features driver behaviour, accident buffer and advanced anti-tamper technology as standard, offering our customer the widest range of benefits in the marketplace.

We offer highly configurable, modular and scalable solutions with many additional hardware options that address a variety of challenges and meet precise business and operational requirements. This enables better-informed strategic decision making, using highly flexible reporting that is simple and easy to use, to achieve fleet efficiencies and reduce costs.

Our automated scheduled email reports include journey, timesheet, mileage, exception, driver behaviour, fuel and utilisation to ensure the right data is delivered to the stakeholder in the most effective format at the right time.

Product Screenshots

Ctrack Online is 100% web-based and can be accessed using an internet connected PC or Mac with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari Web Browsers.

What Our Customers Say

The Ctrack system has allowed us to address key fleet issues faced by the company. In the current economic climate, the optimisation of mobile resources is paramount to a successful business and ensures costs are kept under control whilst enhancing our service to valued customers.

Bell Group

Ian Henderson
Bell Group

The functionality and usability of the Ctrack system means it will meet our current and future needs to help drive productivity, completion of work and enable further Health and Safety benefits.

Severn Trent Water

David Cross
Severn Trent Water

Tructyre ATS, with its current fleet size in excess of 200 and growing to a projected 600 plus have found Ctrack have a highly valuable and scalable Telematics solution portfolio and are Fast, Flexible and Easy to do business with.


Scott Matthews